Orthodontics has evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Back then it would be common to hear people say that visiting the orthodontist was “only for children”.

There has since been a paradigm shift with the advent of new technologies, research and the evolution of new dental materials. It is important to stress that age is no longer a contraindication to seek orthodontic treatment. It can be done at any age as long as certain limitations are respected and taken into account.

Lack of craniofacial growth and loss of bone/gum support is the main difference between orthodontics for adults compared to children. They are biologically different and therefore require different biomechanical approaches.

Most adult patients will have had a certain degree of previous dental work done (crowns, veneers, bridges, implants etc) or might even have spaces where teeth have been been extracted in the past.

Adult cases therefore tend to be more complex in nature and usually require an interdisciplinary approach with other specialities of the dental team where good diagnosis and thorough treatment planning are essential. Sometimes patients will require orthodontic treatment prior to implant placement or complex and extensive restorative work.

In Masters Orthodontics Chester we specialised in adult Orthodontics.

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